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We are passionate defenders of communities, companies and countries against cyber threats.


Wolfpack will be the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cybersecurity impact on the African continent.


Code of the Wolf (PATCH):​

  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Accountability
  • Taking risk
  • Collaboration
  • Honour

Why Partner
With Wolfpack?​



Wolfpack has successfully rolled out several strategic projects on the African continent.


Wolfpack is a trusted cybersecurity partner to organisations of all sizes and across all key sectors.


Wolfpack has trained thousands of people and reached millions via community initiatives.

Codes of conduct
that we adhere to 

Our Services

cyber consulting


cyber consulting

Cyber Resilience

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Scarce Skills

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Our Markets

Country Risk Management​

Key Risks Faced

  • Skill Challenges

    All countries face cybersecurity skills shortages. Awareness needs constant reinforcing.

  • Critical Infrastructure​

    Cyberattacks on key infrastructure can have devastating effects on a country's security and economy.​

  • Cybercrime​

    Cyber adversaries are more relentless and sophisticated, requiring rapid response and industry collaboration.​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Scarce Skills Provision​

  • Tailored Training and Awareness​

  • National Cyber Risk Framework​

  • School Cyber Safety Toolkit​

  • Cyber Threat Platforms​

  • Secure Communication​

National Security​

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Wolfpack Cybersecurity

Company Risk Management​

Key Risks Faced

  • Security Governance​

    The company's cybersecurity strategy must align with its business objectives and risk management approach.​

  • Cyber Risk and Compliance​

    Regular risk reviews and implementation of controls to mitigate identified risks and ensure compliance.​

  • Cyber Threat Management​

    Involves a variety of strategies, tools, and procedures to manage the cyber threat landscape.​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Scarce Skills Provision​

  • Tailored Training and Awareness​

  • Business-Aligned Consulting​

  • Cyber Resilience​

  • 3rd Party Risk Management​

  • Security Testing and Remediation​

Cyber Risk Management​

Companies of all sizes and sectors are at risk of cyber threats. ​

​To mitigate these threats, companies must adopt a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity, including regular risk reviews, employee training, continuous monitoring, and investing in advanced security solutions.


Community Risk Management​

Key Risks Faced

  • Cyber Scams​

    All people are at risk of cyber scams, which can lead to identity theft and financial loss.​

  • Bullying and Harassment​

    Victims may experience significant emotional distress and depression, which may even lead to suicide.​

  • Community Programmes​

    Communities should take a multi-faceted approach to combat cybercrime by focusing on education, collaboration and victim assistance.​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Cyber Self Defence Programme​

  • Tailored Training and Awareness​

  • Pro Bono Cybercrime Assistance​

  • School Cyber Safety Toolkit​

  • COBRA Cybercrime Platform​

  • Community Outreach Initiatives ​

Cyber Safety​

Cyber safety is a shared responsibility that requires both individual users and organisations to be vigilant and proactive in protecting vulnerable people in the digital realm. ​

​As technology continues to advance, the importance of cyber safety grows, making it an essential aspect of navigating the digital world.




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Specialist Relationships


Wolfpack is proud to be an Associate Consultant of the British Standards Institution for the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards. The BSI is a global leader helping organisations in 193 countries worldwide.


CGF is a private company that specialises in professional services related to Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) related matters, catering for all industry sectors, no matter the size of the organisation.


IRMSA is recognised as the Professional Body for Risk Management in South Africa. RMSA represents individuals and companies committed to enhancing the Risk Management discipline.

Wolfpack Community

cyber consulting

The Wolfpack Community team is committed to securing our vulnerable communities across our continent with a range of cyber safety initiatives.

Africa Food For Thought

Africa Food for Thought (AFFT) is a fully registered charity that provides food security for children and supports education.

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