Wolfpack Information Risk

Community Risk Management

Community Risk Management​

Key Risks Faced

  • Cyber Scams​

    All people are at risk of cyber scams, which can lead to identity theft and financial loss.​

  • Bullying and Harassment​

    Victims may experience significant emotional distress and depression, which may even lead to suicide.​

  • Community Programmes​

    Communities should take a multi-faceted approach to combat cybercrime by focusing on education, collaboration and victim assistance.​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Cyber Self Defence Programme​

  • Tailored Training and Awareness​

  • Pro Bono Cybercrime Assistance​

  • School Cyber Safety Toolkit​

  • COBRA Cybercrime Platform​

  • Community Outreach Initiatives ​

Cyber Safety​

Cyber safety is a shared responsibility that requires both individual users and organisations to be vigilant and proactive in protecting vulnerable people in the digital realm. ​

​As technology continues to advance, the importance of cyber safety grows, making it an essential aspect of navigating the digital world.

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