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Awareness Resources

Each year, Wolfpack provides a number of free awareness resources to the African cybersecurity community.

Recent examples include:

The Wolfpack Community team also conducts free awareness talks and training sessions for schools, NGOs or via media organisations.


Pro Bono Victim Assistance

The Wolfpack team provides free cybercrime incident assistance to individuals, schools or NGOs. We utilise a number of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools to investigate cases and provide actionable intelligence to disrupt cyber threat actor activities.

We have assisted hundreds of victims over the years across a range of incidents such as financial scams, sextortion, Business Email Compromise (BEC), cyberbullying and more.

The lessons learnt from these cases are then sanitised, packaged into proactive cybersecurity wellness talks and provided back to our client’s employees and the broader community.


COBRA Platform

Wolfpack has established an investigative team to assist victims of cybercrime in South Africa who otherwise would not have access to support. In partnership with Impact Amplifier and Google, Wolfpack have established an online platform called COBRA (Cybercrime Operational Behaviour and Response Alliance).

This will allow victims of cybercrime to:

  1. Report an incident;
  2. The platform is hosted on the Wolfpack Community website with a service desk to track cases;
  3. It will bridge the gap between cyber investigators and victims of cybercrime; package and distribute insights, tactics and tools used by the criminals into useful relevant awareness materials and
  4. Generate useful country-specific cybercrime statistics.

Cyber Threat Research

Wolfpack conducts independent research to support key national strategic challenges facing African countries at both a national and global level:

  • Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) – The integrity and availability of critical infrastructure and essential services remain the priority. Cyber attacks can disrupt not only by targeting physical control systems but also administrative systems or core digital assets.
  • Cybercrime – Cybercriminal attacks are increasing, causing losses to both public and private organisations and the citizens of this country. A response requires a combination of skills, innovative approaches, technology and law enforcement collaboration with the private sector.
Cyber threat
Cyber threat
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Cyber Safety
Cyber Safety

Wolfpack Community

cyber consulting

The Wolfpack Community team is committed to securing our vulnerable communities across our continent with a range of cyber safety initiatives.

Africa Food For Thought

Africa Food for Thought (AFFT) is a fully registered charity that provides food security for children and supports education.

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