Wolfpack Information Risk


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Key Risks Addressed​

  • Ineffective GRC Approach​

  • Weak Management Support​

  • Risk Framework Excludes Cyber​

  • Cyber Compliance not Managed​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Business-Aligned Consulting​

    Increase management visibility through implementation, integration, and monitoring.​

  • Independent Reviews​

    Provision of external impact assessments, regulation analysis, and guidance.​

  • Data Privacy​

    Strengthening and assisting to build robust and reliable services in data-sensitive environments.​


The Cornerstone of GRC​

The core drivers and key interdependencies of a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategy are corporate governance policies, procedures, standards, guides, as well as regulatory and company compliance. Risk management serving as one of the cornerstones of GRC, ensures that the key interdependencies work together in an integrated manner through effective controls and control objectives. 

Information Security

Wolfpack is a proud member of the British Standard Institution (BSI) Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) for the delivery of the ISO 27001 and 22301 standards.


Information Privacy​

We offer the following services for privacy and data protection:



Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)​

Wolfpack assists its clients in managing third-party risk throughout the vendor lifecycle:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance​

AI governance provides a framework for the responsible deployment and use of AI, ensuring alignment with the organisation’s objectives and values while adhering to ethical standards and regulatory requirements. It provides a structured approach to managing, monitoring, and controlling the effective and human-centric use and development of AI systems.​

  • AI Governance Framework

    Define the AI risk management framework in line with the existing enterprise risk management framework.​

  • AI Risk Assessment Tool

    This will help you structure a risk assessment for critical AI risks.

  • AI Risk Remediation Assistance

    We can assist with addressing key AI gaps in the organisation, including training workshops and policies.​


Business Resilience​

Security Resilience and Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) were developed for use in all organisations concerned with the ability to maintain business operations through preparation to face any disruption of operations and prevent meeting objectives.

  • ISO 22301 Readiness and gap assessments

    We can assist in carrying out an assessment that can act as a blueprint for the implementation journey.

  • BCMS implementation assistance

    Should a client want to go ahead and implement a BCMS, we are able to assist with managing a project plan structured around the different steps required to implement the system, as well as the 14 mandatory documents required to fulfil the requirements of the BCMS.​

  • ISO 22301 Pre-Certification Audit assistance

    We can assist with pre-certification preparation and readiness audits.​

  • BCMS

    Outsourced managed services (On-site and Virtual).​

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