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Cyber Resilience

Securing your Assets in Cyberspace​

What we assist with​

  • Improving overall cyber resilience​

  • Enabling secure cloud usage​

  • Facilitating independent validation of control posture​

  • Technical remediation support​

Wolfpack Solutions​

  • Cybersecurity Posture ​ Assessments

    Framework-based Assessments (CIS, NIST CSF, MCSB, AWS Security Pillar), Red Teaming, IM Simulations.​

  • Remediation Support​

    Remediation support and capability building and knowledge transfer for key cyber risk control domains.​

  • Data Security​

    Strengthening and assisting to build robust and reliable services in data-sensitive environments.​


Digital Transformation​

The successful execution of digital transformation initiatives will initiate the next competitive frontier for organisations.​ Cyber resilience needs to be baked into the design of these transformation initiatives if the downstream risk is to be manageable.​


Our assessments will help you understand your ‘unmitigated cyber risk’ profile and the factors driving it. From this, objective decisions can be made regarding where the most urgent interventions are required, and which controls will improve your cyber risk maturity. Our assessments vary depending on the key objectives to be achieved and could include the following:

  • CIS Critical Security Controls

    Relatively quick engagement mainly focused on technical controls.​

  • NIST Cyber Security Framework

    Comprehensive assessment based on our custom controls catalogue to comprehensively address each NIST CSF outcome.​

  • MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation

    Detailed assessment of technical controls against the ATT&CK taxonomy for likely threat actor groups.​

  • Operational Technology (OT)

    Industrial Control Systems cyber risk reviews.​

  • Secure Code Review

    Static and dynamic application security testing (SAST & DAST), delivered as a cloud service across 24 languages, coupled with expert guidance to improve security processes within the application development lifecycle. ​


Remediation Assistance

Does the latest audit report, vulnerability scan or penetration test report seem overwhelming?

Ideal for companies experiencing:

Wolfpack can assist with remediation activities arising from control assurance, including:

Cybersecurity Operations Cloud

Arctic Wolf cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a field that requires 24×7 vigilance and constant adaptation. Security operations is a key solution that Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Security Team are uniquely positioned to deliver well. Wolfpack, as a key partner, is able to offer their clients the following solutions:

  • Security Operations Platform

    Processes over 3 trillion events per week and enriches them with threat intelligence and risk context to drive faster threat detection, simplify incident response and eliminate alert fatigue. It has the following capabilities:

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Advanced Threat Detection and Response.

  • Managed Risk

    Continuous Vulnerability and Risk Management.

  • Incident Response

    Recover Quickly from Cyber Attacks and Breaches.

Digital Risk Protection and Adversary Disruption


Wolfpack, in partnership with ZeroFox, provides a managed service for various digital threat monitoring and protection functions, including the following:

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Get instant feedback for credential, leaked data and other artefacts found on the dark web that are relevant to your digital estate.

  • Brand and Domain Protection

    Detect any domain impersonation and account takeover that may affect your digital estate.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Receive appropriate threat data, which can be used to augment incident response and other security operations activities.

  • Adversary Disruption

    Let our service perform the heavy lifting in take-downs of adversary infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Wolfpack partners with Red Team companies to negotiate pricing and deliver independent penetration testing services for their clients.

For our mid to large tier clients, we are a partner of Synack, who provide a platform coupled with scalable continuous testing service. The engagements are delivered by a pool of 1600+ vetted researchers with detailed findings, including exploitability information made available on a secure portal as the test progresses in real-time.

Wolfpack also partners with local Red Team companies to perform ad-hoc blackbox, whitebox or greybox assessments. We review all reports and provide a balanced opinion to our clients on the findings and actual risk to their organisation.


Incident Management

Cybersecurity incidents are a fact of life, and ‘an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of response’. Adequate preparation makes a big difference in the overall impact of an incident.
We offer the following services to prepare your organisation for cybersecurity incidents:

  • Incident Response Readiness Review

    Review of process elements (response playbooks), people elements (skills adequacy assessment using tools that can be configured to improve detection and engineering review (event collection and retention, SIEM configuration).

  • Live Incident Support

  • Incident Management / Crisis Simulations

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