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95% of cyber incidents are related to the human element.

Source: The Global Risks Report 2023

Protect your employees against social engineering techniques: Use Keepnet’s Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Quishing and MFA Simulators to empower your employees with a behaviour-based security awareness programme!

Reduce Phishing Risk


up to 90%

in high-risk security behaviour

“By prioritising measurable behavior change over compliance-based training, our company reduce phishing risk by up to 90% and builds a stronger security culture.”

CISO, Pegasus Airlines



in Phishing Forensics

“The SOC team automates the handling of reported phishing emails, reducing the time by 95% and increasing detection rate to 99%, thanks to 20+ integrations.”

SOC Analyst, Vodafone


up to 90% Effectiveness

in Resource Utilisation

“Autopilot and self-driving features in automated phishing and security awareness training reduce time by 95% stress-free!”

Head of Managed Service, ECI

A Unified Social Engineering Platform Empowered by AI


Secure Employee Behaviour

Human error causes 95% of data breaches.

Gartner has stated that traditional security awareness is dead.

Keepnet has redesigned security awareness programmes to optimise human behaviour!


Phishing Incident Response

98% of SOCs don’t have the solutions to handle incidents in time.

Email-based incidents go undetected, and responses take a long time.

Keepnet empowers employees to report threats and equips security admins to respond to phishing attacks 187 times faster.



80% of CISOs want “consolidation” to reduce complexity and enhance risk posture.

Keepnet provides all the necessary products with autopilot and self-driving capabilities in a single platform.

Compliance and regulations

Use Cases

Schedule monthly, quarterly, or annual campaign creation across all simulation types.

Vast API library for easy and dynamic integrations.

Host our training on your LMS via one click. Launch training on your platform and get reports on both platforms. No API integration or configuration is needed.

SMS, voice, email, QR, callback, and MFA simulation scenarios are all on one platform. Fully customisable.

Report on metrics, click rates, and risky behaviours, including industry benchmarks. Easy-to-generate, ready-to-use executive reports.

Deploy all simulations through our certified security professionals for interactive engagements.

No whitelisting is needed with a 100% delivery rate without the headache of false clicks.

All the tools needed to fully simulate social engineering phishing are included.

Leverage multiple content providers for the best content.

Phishing Simulator

AI-powered phishing simulation tools for simulating social engineering attacks. Increase phishing detection rates up to 92%.

Train your employees to STOP Phishing attacks!

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Phishing, a social engineering attack, involves fraudsters manipulating victims into divulging confidential information (passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, etc.), usually via deceptive emails. Keepnet Phishing Simulator allows you to gauge your security culture with AI-powered 1600+ ready-to-test phishing scenarios in 160+ languages and trains your employees to identify and respond to these attacks.

Did you know the human element is responsible for 95% of security breaches?

Phishing attacks lead to approximately $1.1 million in annual losses for businesses of all sizes, translating to more than $1,500 per employee. Approximately 76% of these phishing efforts are targeted, and criminals succeed in over 90% of spear phishing schemes.

A Technology that Empowers Employees and STOP Phishing Attacks

The advantages of implementing the Keepnet Phishing Simulator are as follows:


Return on investment

Potential savings of up to $200K annually, showcasing a significant return on your investment.


A Safe Testing Ground

A simulated yet authentic-looking phishing environment to empower employees to learn about real-world phishing attacks in a secure setting, negating the dangers of actual data breaches or network infiltration.


Enhanced cybersecurity posture

Initiate a campaign within 5 minutes and see immediate results, enabling your team to detect and react to phishing attacks promptly.


Cultivation Of a Cybersecurity Culture

Promote a cybersecurity culture within your organisation and see an average increase of 89% in your employees’ incident reporting.

Key Features of Phishing Simulator

  1. Creating Advanced Campaigns and Customisation

    • Seamless Phishing Simulation: No whitelisting is needed, creating phishing simulation emails directly in the user’s inbox.

    • Realistic Phishing Scenarios: Includes MFA-themed, Data submit, Attachment, and Click-only phishing templates.

    • Customisable Phishing Templates: Helps customize various templates to simulate different phishing attacks.

    • Custom Domain Usage: Allows custom domains for scenarios tailored to specific languages and cultures.

    • SSL-Enabled Phishing Domains: Uses secure SSL-enabled domains in phishing scenarios.

  2. Comprehensive Reporting and Integration

    • Automated Reporting: Detailed insights into employee performance or incorrect behaviours.

    • Accurate Click Reporting: Filters out false clicks from automated security tools like sandboxes.

    • BI Tools Integration: Supports PowerBI and Qlick integrations for enhanced reporting.

    • API-Driven Platform: Fully API-driven for easy integration and task automation.

  3. Continuous Improvement and Global Support

    • Integration with Keepnet Solutions: Works seamlessly with other Keepnet security awareness solutions like Awareness Educator or Phishing Reporter.

    • Multilingual Support: Offers content in multiple languages for international organisations.

    • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates to keep up with the latest phishing tactics and techniques.

Smishing Simulator

Evaluate and strengthen your company’s security against SMS phishing.

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SMS Phishing, or “Smishing”, is a cyberattack where attackers use SMS messages to trick recipients into providing sensitive information. Keepnet’s Smishing Simulator is a cloud-based solution that tests your employees, raises awareness and fortifies your security culture against SMS phishing attacks. Using over 600+ ready-to-use templates in 50+ languages or customised ones, you can quickly identify the weaknesses within your organisation and fix the problem.

Did you know 76% of businesses were hit by Smishing?

Recent data reveals that in just one year, 76% of businesses were targeted by smishing attacks, with a startling 328% increase. This uptick in smishing attacks has led to significant financial damages, costing an average of $800 per individual globally.

Building Resilience: Effective Human Risk Management for SMS Phishing

Foster security culture and minimise human risk against SMS phishing attacks.


Financial Savings

Reduce the risk of average financial losses exceeding $1 million while enjoying an average return on investment of $60,000 through saved time and money.


Boosted Security Posture

Rapidly detect risky behaviours to build a security culture and respond to continuous SMS phishing threats.


Building Cybersecurity Awareness

With targeted training, we have observed a remarkable increase of 87% in employees’ ability to recognise and report SMS phishing incidents within three months.


Return on investment

You can potentially save up to $5.4m annually, demonstrating a significant return on your investment.

Key Features of Smishing Simulator

  1. Extensive Scenario Library and Customisation

    • Comprehensive Library: Utilise over 600+ smishing scenarios, reflecting real-world SMS attacks.

    • Scenario Customisation: Tailor existing or create personalised scenarios to align with your organisation’s needs.

    • Varied Difficulty Levels: Select from easy, medium, and hard scenarios to match your employees’ proficiency.

  2. Continuous Learning and Global Support

    • Continuous Updates: Regularly updated with new scenarios to keep training current with evolving smishing techniques.

    • Multilingual Support: Offer training materials in multiple languages, suitable for global organisations.

    • Localised Number Support: Incorporate local numbers in your smishing campaigns for enhanced realism and effectiveness.

  3. Integration and Real-Time Analytics

    • Seamless Integration: Fully API-driven for easy integration with your organisation’s existing applications and systems.

    • Real-time Automated Reporting: Obtain immediate insights into employee behaviour and performance, helping track progress and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Vishing Simulator

Assess and improve your security culture against vishing attacks

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Vishing (voice phishing or voice scam) is a social engineering attack where hackers manipulate your employees into revealing confidential information (credentials, passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, and more) over phone calls. Keepnet’s AI-powered vishing simulator fully complies with FCC regulations, offering a secure and consent-based platform for enhancing organisational security awareness against voice phishing threats.

Did you know that 6.5% of employees have given away sensitive information to fake vishing calls?

Our 2024 Vishing Research Report revealed that 70% of organisations have been victims of fake phone calls (vishing). Vishing attacks cost an average of $14 million per year per organisation.

Companies that add regular vishing simulations to security awareness training have the lowest vishing risk, with up to 90% success.

AI-Powered Technology STOP Vishing Attacks

The benefits of using the Keepnet Vishing Simulator include the following:


Improved cybersecurity posture

Launch a campaign within 5 minutes and witness immediate results, empowering your team to swiftly detect and respond to voice phishing attacks.


A Stronger Culture of Cybersecurity

By fostering a cybersecurity culture within your organisation, you’ll see an average 67% increase in your employees’ incident reporting.


Reducing The Risk of Legal Penalties

By helping businesses avoid costly fines and legal action by ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.


Return on investment

You can potentially save up to $5.4m annually, demonstrating a significant return on your investment.


Key Features of AI-Powered Vishing Simulator

  1. Advanced Simulation and Customisation

    • AI-Powered Vishing Templates: Simulate various vishing scenarios with an AI-powered text-to-speech option.

    • Realistic Vishing Scenarios: Test and train employees with scenarios that mimic real-world attacks.

    • Customisation Options: Create tailored vishing scenarios to meet specific organisational needs.

    • Advanced Voice Phishing Campaigns: Incorporate your own voice recordings for advanced and personalised voice phishing campaigns.

  2. Integration and Continuous Enhancement

    • Integration with Keepnet Solutions: Seamlessly works with Keepnet’s other security awareness training solutions to create a security culture.

    • Continuous Improvement: Regularly updated to reflect the latest vishing tactics and techniques.

    • Fully API-Driven: Ensures easy integration with various applications and systems.

  3. Reporting and Global Support

    • Automated Reporting: Provides detailed insights into employee performance and response effectiveness.

    • Multilingual Support: Accommodates the needs of global organisations with training materials in multiple languages.

Quishing Simulator

Assess and improve your security culture against vishing attacks


QR Phishing (Quishing) is a complex phishing attack in which attackers use QR codes to trick individuals into exposing confidential information. Keepnet’s Quishing Simulator evaluates and hardens your security against QR phishing threats. With 600+ ready-to-use templates and customisable scenarios in over 30+ languages, develop your organisation’s security culture and improve security awareness training with Keepnet Labs Quishing Simulator.

Did You Know That QR Code Phishing Attacks Increased by Over 270% Monthly in 2023?

Quishing attacks have increased by over 270% monthly, leading to an overall growth of over 3240% in a year. This method of social engineering has become increasingly prevalent and hazardous, as 29% of emails aimed at different industries include malicious QR codes. Quishing attacks have exceeded 100 million incidents, affecting every sector without exception.


Effective Security Awareness Training for QR Code phishing

Build a security-conscious organisation, boost security awareness training, and stop QR phishing attacks.


Stop QR Code Phishing Attacks

Through focused security awareness training programmes, leverage an 87% improvement in employees’ ability to identify and report QR Code phishing attacks within three months.


Enhanced Security Framework

Identify and address risky security behaviours to establish a robust security culture and fight against ongoing QR Code phishing attacks.


Financial Benefits

Reduce potential financial losses averaging over $2 million while achieving an average ROI of $89,500 through efficiencies and cost savings.


Mitigating Legal Risks and Maintaining Compliance

Protect against substantial fines and legal issues by complying with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc.


Key Features of Quishing Simulator

  1. Advanced Scenario Design and Customisation

    • Expansive Scenarios: Over 600+ realistic QR phishing templates reflecting the latest Quishing attack trends.

    • Printable QR Phishing Attack Simulations: Distribute printed QR code phishing templates within your organisation to simulate and test employee responses to real-life Quishing threats.

    • Customisable Scenarios: Tailor quishing templates to fit your organisation’s unique context, enhancing security awareness training relevance and impact.

    • Adaptive Difficulty Levels: Quishing templates range from easy to advanced, catering to your workforce’s different cyber awareness skill levels.

    • Continuous Content Updates: Regular updates ensure your security awareness training remains current with the latest Quishing techniques and trends.

  2. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

    • Automated, Real-Time Reporting: Instant insights into risky behaviours, with detailed analytics to identify security awareness training needs.

    • Behavioural Analytics: Understand employee behaviour patterns in response to quishing attempts, optimising future security awareness training approaches.

    • Custom Feedback and Automated Training: Offer personalised feedback to employees and automate learning based on incorrect behaviour.

    • Progress Tracking: Monitor the ongoing development of your team’s QR code phishing awareness and response capabilities over time.

  3. Seamless Integration and Multilingual Support

    • Seamless System Integration: Easily integrate with your current systems, like your native LMS, automating the process of delivering security awareness training.

    • Multilingual Capability: Get QR code phishing templates in 30+ languages, ensuring inclusivity for global teams.

    • Interactive Learning Experience: Engage employees with realistic, interactive QR code simulation scenarios for a more effective learning experience.

    • Varied Security Awareness Training Modalities: Have diverse learning styles with a mix of visual, textual, and interactive content, increasing engagement and retention.

Callback Voice Phishing Simulation

Leverage an AI-powered Callback Simulator to proactively test and train your employees against callback phishing attacks.

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Callback Phishing, also known as Voice Phishing, is a social engineering attack that combines phishing and vishing to steal personal information or install malware. Keepnet’s Callback Simulator provides 250+ customisable and ready-to-use callback phishing templates in over 30+ languages. It helps you to train your employees to recognise and stop callback phishing attacks and create a security culture within your organisation.

Did you know the FBI warned that callback voice phishing is now a prevalent threat to harm you with just one call?

Callback phishing attacks, or TOAD, surged by 625% in 2022, costing individual victims nearly $50,000 per attack. At its peak, it is recorded that over 600,000 daily TOAD incidents occur daily. Further, 3 out of 4 businesses lost money to voice scams, with an alarming average cost of over $14 million per year per business.


Protect Your Business with our Callback Voice Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training!

Elevate your organisation’s cyber security awareness and build a security culture against callback phishing attacks.


Enhanced Security Posture

Address, identify, and correct risky human behaviours with callback phishing tests. Build a strong security culture and defend against callback phishing attacks.


Boost Cybersecurity Awareness

Experience a significant improvement in your team’s ability to spot and report callback phishing attempts with the simulated callback phishing tests. Our training programmes have shown a 93% increase in employee preparedness within three months.


Financial Advantages

Reduce the risk of financial losses, averaging up to $1 million. Our callback phishing simulation offers an impressive saving of up to $60,000 through increased efficiencies and cost reductions.


Avoid Legal Risks

Protect your organisation from legal costs. Our callback phishing simulation ensures compliance with critical data protection laws, helping you navigate the complexities of regulations like GDPR and CCPA.


Key Features of Callback Voice Phishing Simulation

  1. Tailored Callback Voice Phishing Simulation Campaign Templates

    • AI-Powered Phishing Simulations: Utilise AI-based text-to-speech or upload your voice recordings for your callback phishing campaigns.

    • Extensive Phishing Scenario Library: Over 250+ realistic callback phishing templates in over 30 languages, reflecting the latest trends in telephone-based cyber threats.

    • Voice Phishing Local Phone Numbers: Choose over 30+ range of phone numbers or add your local numbers to make your callback phishing campaigns more realistic and effective.

    • Real-World Phishing Simulation: Simulate real-life callback phishing scenarios within your organisation to test and train employee responses to these unique threats.

    • Customisable Phishing Campaign Templates: Adapt callback phishing scenarios to fit your organisation’s specific context, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your security training.

    • Varied Complexity Levels: Scenarios range from basic to highly sophisticated, accommodating all skill levels within your workforce.

    • Up-to-date Callback Phishing Templates: We regularly update scenarios to align your training with the latest callback phishing techniques and trends.

  2. In-Depth Analytics and Targeted Reporting

    • Automated, Real-Time Insights: Instantly track risky behaviours and gain detailed analytics to identify specific training needs in your organisation.

    • Behavioural Pattern Analysis: Understand how your employees react to callback phishing tests, helping maximise effectiveness.

    • Customised Feedback and Adaptive Learning: Provide individual feedback and automate training based on employee behaviour.

    • Continuous Progress Monitoring: Monitor your team’s growth in recognising and responding to callback phishing threats.

  3. Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Language Support

    • Effortless System Compatibility: Our simulator integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, such as your Learning Management System (LMS), to automate security awareness processes.

    • Multilingual Options: Our callback phishing templates are available in over 30 languages and are ideal for diverse, global teams.

    • Engaging, Interactive Training: Engage employees with realistic, interactive callback phishing scenarios for a more effective learning experience.

    • Varied Training Formats: Different learning methods, such as visual, textual, and interactive training materials, will be used to ensure higher engagement and awareness.

Awareness Educator

Train your employees and build a security culture to STOP Phishing attacks!

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The human factor causes over 95% of security breaches, emphasising the critical need for security training that reinforces learning based on behavioural science. Our Security Awareness Training Platform prioritises compliance, establishes a security culture, and encourages secure behaviours. We cater to all business sizes with a portfolio of 2000+ training modules in 30+ languages. We employ interactive tools like micro-videos and gamification, enhancing staff abilities to recognise and counter phishing threats.

Did you know that human error costs $4.24 million?

Even with security awareness training, 70% of employees still take risky actions. It’s important to know that following rules or giving out information is not enough to keep your organisation safe from cyberattacks.

Build organisational and individual security culture to STOP Phishing Attacks

Here are the benefits of implementing the Keepnet’s Security Awareness Training Platform:


Reduce Risk

Through regular, bite-sized content, mitigate risk by going beyond compliance to create a cyber-resilient workforce. Witness an av. 92% increase in risk identification and reporting in 3 months.


Maximise Cybersecurity Engagement

Foster a cybersecurity culture to strengthen defences, mitigate risks, and promote responsible behaviour. Deploy training via email or SMS, any time, any place, on any device without the need to log in.


Keep Training Fresh

Don’t just depend on one security awareness training content provider. Choose from 10 out of the top 15 providers. Find the style that works for you and your team from 2000+ training modules.


Behaviour-Based Training

Utilise innovative phishing simulators for Voice, SMS, QR Codes, Callback, and MFA to automatically deploy training based on users’ incorrect behaviour to mitigate risk, saving up to $2.2 million annually.


Key Features of Keepnet's Security Awareness Training Platform

Our Security Awareness Training Platform is packed with user-friendly features that make cybersecurity education effective, engaging, and accessible, all on one learning hub:

  1. User-Centric Training Experience:

    • Trusted Platform: Build your security culture in your organisation using our platform, which is trusted and used by over 2 million people.

    • Comprehensive Content Selection: Utilise the world’s biggest security libraries with rich content from over 10 of the top 15 content providers and harness comprehensive training without sticking to one provider.

    • Use Your Existing Security Awareness Training Platform: Download training packages from our platform as SCORM-compliant files and upload them into your Security Awareness Training Platform to leverage your capability.

    • Personalised Certificates: Award your team’s success with custom certificates.

    • Gamification: Encourage participation in training programmes using leaderboards.

    • Engaging Storytelling: Make training sessions more engaging and memorable by incorporating short stories.

  2. Seamless Training Delivery and Reporting:

    • SMS Training Delivery: Delivers cybersecurity training directly to mobiles, ensuring inclusive education for all, especially those reliant solely on mobile phones. Ideal for employees in industries such as Courier services, Hotels, and Casinos with limited internet or no email access.

    • Advanced Reports: Receive automated reports on your team’s learning progression and have limitless custom reports.

    • Automatic Assignment: Ensure the right employee gets the right training at the right time, e.g., auto-assign training to newly onboarded employees.

    • Simulated Phishing: Boost your training by incorporating email phishing, voice phishing (Vishing), SMS phishing (Smishing), MFA, QR Code, and Callback phishing simulations and test your training programme.

  3. Specialised and Regulatory Training:

    • Additional Materials: Reinforce learning through posters, infographics, cybersecurity tips, nudges, and screensavers based on behavioural science.

    • Regulatory Training: Enrol in courses covering regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FCPB, FRC, PCI, PII, etc.

    • Attack Vector Training: Enhance knowledge and update employees about the latest threats with training focused on attack vectors.

    • Role-based Training: Improve security through tailored training for managers and other roles in your organisation.

    • Custom Content: Create your custom training materials and upload them into our LMS to match your organisation’s unique needs.

    • Behaviour-Based Training: Automate employee security awareness training based on incorrect behaviors.

Incident Responder

Respond to email threats, analyse, and identify them 48.6 times faster.

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Responding swiftly to email attacks is significant, as each passing minute escalates the threat. On average, it takes 9 hours to detect and remove a malicious email, significantly amplifying the risk. However, using Keepnet’s automated phishing incident response tool, you can identify and respond to email attacks in minutes.

Did you know that, on average, it takes organisations 197 days to detect a security breach?

Companies require about 197 days to detect a security breach and an extra 69 days to adequately quarantine it. This substantial duration from the point of intrusion to the final containment can lead to an average of $4.35 million in dollars.

AI-Powered Email Incident Response Tool to Reduce Phishing Risks

Discover the advantages of using Keepnet’s Incident Responder:


Maximise ROI

Small to medium-sized businesses save $200K annually, while larger enterprises save $1.5M on average.


Save Time for SOC Team

According to Gartner, the average time for analysing an email is around 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Still, Keepnet reduces this time to under 2 minutes on average, providing you with a 165 times faster analysis capability.


Advanced Reporting Tool

Equip employees to report suspicious emails using the Phishing Reporter add-in and increase reporting by 82% in 6 months.


Measure and Build a Security Culture

Monitor your employees’ actions, distinguishing between those who report suspicious emails and those who fail to do so, and assess your security culture. Recognise and reward the standout individuals who effectively identify and report threats that slip through security defences.


Key Features of Incident Responder

Empower your security teams with our Incident Responder, leveraging automated analysis to prioritise and address phishing threats for an effective and swift incident response.

  1. Advanced Integration and Analysis

    • Integrations: Access over 20+ analysis engines, including Sandbox, Antivirus, and Threat Intelligence.

    • SOAR Integrations: Native integration with Palo Alto XSOAR, IBM Resilience, Splunk, and other SOAR solutions, enhancing email incident response processes.

    • AI Support: Utilise AI capabilities to detect and prevent zero-day attacks.

  2. Efficient Incident Management

    • Investigation: Rapidly find and remove suspicious emails, capable of handling 7,500 employees’ inboxes in about 5 minutes.

    • Automated Rules: Create customisable rules for efficient response and classification of reported emails.

    • Seamless Mail Integration: Conduct investigations easily through email servers like Office 365, Google Workspace, Exchange Online, or On-Prem Exchange EWS.

  3. User Empowerment and Privacy

    • Phishing Reporter: Enable employees to report suspicious emails immediately using the Phishing Reporter add-in compatible with various platforms.

    • Flexible Deployment: Choose between fully SaaS or On-Premises deployment options for Incident Responder.

    • Privacy Assurance: Ensure no data sharing with third-party tools during the analysis of suspicious emails.

    • Archive Scanning: Identify and mitigate risks from archived emails, such as those in Symantec’s Enterprise Vault.

    • Add-In Monitoring: Ensure the Phishing Reporter add-in remains active and installed on users’ Microsoft Desktop Outlook applications.

Threat Sharing

Join trusted peer-to-peer communities and let 1M+ active threat hunters protect you!

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Keepnet’s Threat Sharing Platform allows you to join threat-sharing communities to share, collaborate, and act upon threat intelligence data. You can exchange information about new email attacks, vulnerabilities, or threat actors among your trusted communities. You can create automated workflows across the threat intelligence life cycle for threat analysis, sharing, and actioning.

Did you know that 90% of security breaches originate from known threats?

You often miss critical threats that others know. These known attacks are responsible for 90% of security breaches.  These threats may find their way to other businesses, causing further damage if not shared. On average, it takes about 280 days to discover and deal with a security breach. However, sharing threat intelligence can significantly shorten this lengthy period, boosting your security response efficiency.


Exchange Knowledge Within the Industry and Take Measures Beforehand

Discover the benefits of using Keepnet’s Threat Sharing Platform:


Investment Payoff

Join our trusted-threat sharing communities to prevent advanced threats 50% more efficiently and save up to $2.3 million from potential losses.


Minimise Phishing Risks

By leveraging massive IOCs created by over 1M+ Keepnet users, Threat Sharing helps minimise email risks and shorten the incident response time.


Supersonic Response

Keepnet accelerates incident response time by up to 48.6 times, potentially saving an average of $157,000 in annual financial damage.


Reducing Supply Chain Risks

Take action against threats potentially targeting your company and supply chain by getting necessary intelligence from trust-based threat-sharing communities.


Key Features of Threat-Sharing Communities

  1. Collaborative Intelligence and Community Building

    • ISAC Creation: Establish Information on your Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC) to share cyber threat intelligence in sector-based private/public communities.

    • Sectoral Communities: Join exclusive communities with verified, referenced, and reliable companies for sector-specific threat sharing.

    • Broad Network Access: Gain access to a vast network featuring over +1M proactive agents and daily threat intelligence.

  2. Privacy and Security in Information Sharing

    • Anonymised Sharing: Share threats within communities while maintaining anonymity.

    • Sensitive Information Protection: Utilise the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) to ensure sensitive information is shared with the appropriate audience.

    • Privacy-Safe Sharing: Remove unwanted email attachments and URLs to address privacy concerns in threat sharing.

  3. Integration and Automation

    • Automated Threat Intelligence Management: Automate detecting and eliminating malicious emails circulated within your communities directly from user inboxes.

    • SOAR Integration: Seamlessly integrate with built-in SOAR or use APIs for connectivity with existing anti-spam, firewall, or other products.

Threat Intelligence

Check whether data breaches have compromised your company’s data and take immediate action!

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Keepnet’s Threat Intelligence Product enables you to assess whether your company may have been at risk due to a data breach involving one of your employees. With our Threat Intelligence, you will access information such as when each data breach occurred, the employee’s email address, what data was compromised, and how many employees were involved.

Did you know that compromised accounts are 87% more likely to be exposed to phishing attacks?

In over 80% of cyber incidents, hackers use stolen or breached login details. These intrusions, particularly those that persist for over 200 days, can cost a company nearly $5 million on average. What’s surprising is that almost 40% of costs are incurred more than a year after a data breach.

Discover Breached Accounts and Implement Protective Measures!

Discover the benefits of using Keepnet’s Threat Intelligence Product:


Data Leak Monitoring

The product allows you to explore leaked accounts and passwords from email addresses associated with your company domains, helping to prevent potential security breaches within a minute.


Massive Leak Library

Keepnet is integrated with various leak scanning sources, adding new data in real-time. This will ensure that you are always up to date with the latest data breaches.


Proactive Security

Threat Intelligence allows organisations to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats before they can cause harm, enhancing overall security posture.


Cost Savings

By preventing security incidents, Threat Intelligence could save an average of $1.2 million related to data breach costs.


Key Features of Threat Intelligence

  1. Comprehensive Breach Analysis and Protection

    • Breached Passwords: Check if employees’ passwords are compromised in known breaches.

    • Domain Search: Inspect all email addresses linked to your domains, including the supply chain, to assess exposure levels with unlimited domain search capability.

    • Breach Details: Access detailed information about breaches, including date, time, password type, email address, password, and source.

  2. Seamless Integration and Privacy

    • Precise API Integration: Enhance the effectiveness of your security infrastructure by integrating it with your current security stack and SIEM solutions.

    • Privacy Assurance: Ensure privacy in Threat Intelligence with encrypted and non-stored searched passwords.

  3. User Experience and Continuous Monitoring

    • Continuous Monitoring: Monitor for potential breaches in your company’s accounts for ongoing protection.

    • User-Friendly Interface: Benefit from a platform that is easy to navigate and use.

Email Threat Simulator

For full protection, harden your Office 365, Google Workspace, and Secure Email Gateways (SEGs).

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Keepnet’s Email Threat Simulator (ETS) continuously tests your secure email gateway solutions, such as Office 365 and Google Workspace, by sending real-world attacks to a dedicated test inbox. It demonstrates how many of these attacks bypass your SEGs and identify vulnerabilities. ETS improves your defences and helps in the remediation process, optimising your technological investments.


Did you know that 82% of email attacks bypass secure email gateways?

Email attacks cost businesses $3 trillion annually and necessitate considerable technological investments, such as sandboxes, firewalls, or anti-spam measures to provide protection. Despite built-in security features, 78% of all malicious emails originate from Office 365 and Google Workspace users. It’s concerning that 82% of soft threats go undetected, revealing the urgent need for more robust security strategies on these platforms against email threats.

Assess and Harden Your Email Security Posture

Discover the benefits of using Keepnet’s Email Threat Simulator:


Investment Payoff

Boost email blocking efficiency from 28% to 96% by fixing vulnerabilities in your sandbox firewall, anti-spam, and other SEGs.


Harden Your Secure Gateway

Test your secure gateway solutions by sending 700+ real-world attacks to a test inbox and measuring your defences against the latest attacks.


Fix Misconfigurations

Unlike standard vulnerability scanning services, our platform checks for issues such as Open Relay, Reverse DNS Check, or DNSBL in missing or incorrectly configured emails.


Monitor Progress

Generate a report of email security scan results over time, tracking improvements and readiness against email attacks.


Key Features of Email Threat Simulator

  1. Advanced Simulation Techniques

    • Malicious Attachment Simulation: Test your antivirus, anti-spam, or sandbox solutions with real-world malicious email attachments.

    • Ransomware Simulation: Evaluate the effectiveness of your secure email gateway against known ransomware attacks.

    • APT Attack Simulation: Challenge your email security with complex, multi-stage threats typical of advanced persistent threats (APTs).

    • File Format Exploit: Probe vulnerabilities associated with various file formats, including PDF, MP4, DOC, M3U, XPL, EXE, and more.

    • Client-Side Attacks Simulation: Assess susceptibility to phishing emails or malicious downloads targeting end-users.

  2. Customisation and Integration

    • Customised Testing: Incorporate your own malicious attack vectors to test various security products like email gateways, DLP, and Sandboxes.

    • Seamless Email Testing with Outlook Web Access: Integrate with Outlook Web Access or O365 for email security testing, which is especially useful for restricted services like POP3/IMAP.

  3. Reporting and Continuous Security

    • Detailed Reporting: Receive in-depth reports with actionable insights for human misconfigurations and a company score on email defence capabilities.

    • Automated Scanning and Continuous Defence Checks: Continuously scan your email gateway tools with new attack vectors to ensure persistent security.

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