Welcome to the new era of cyber security! 

Learn, train, test, measure and improve your digital dexterity and cyber resilience on our next-gen military-grade CYBER RANGES platform and technology. 

Much like the diversity of cyber vulnerabilities, breaches and threats, your cyber security should be both versatile and agile. From staff training, ongoing skills development and recruitment assessment to performance review, our CYBER RANGES solution has a lot to offer.

What Cyber Ranges Has To Offer


Set up detailed replicas of your organization’s infrastructure and train your people. Alternatively, choose from our large scenario library and train for real-life cyber attacks on realistic systems and application environments.


Test your organization's response and cyber resilience against realistic cyber threats and attacks. Use CYBER RANGES as your prototype development lab to test new products, technologies and processes, for certification testing and to research on new and complex cyber ideas.


Red Team vs Blue Team? Automatically simulate and organize multi-user game-like events to test your operational readiness. Integrate hands-on competence assessment into your staffing processes, including recruitment, on-boarding and CPD.


Profile and test your workforce, identify skills gaps, and monitor your people’s expertise development over time. 


Integrate hands-on competence assessment into your staffing processes, including recruitment, on-boarding and CPD. Cherry-pick the candidates with the appropriate skill-set.


Continuous security competencies development for your team at clear costs. Cutting-edge, hands-on training delivered anytime, anywhere. No onsite or travel costs, no operational disruptions.

Training limitations are a thing of the past

Whether on-premise, on the cloud or on the move, CYBER RANGES allows you to deploy the option that suits your specific needs best. 

Choose from 4 deployment options:

  • Training as a service.
  • Hosted on the cloud.
  • On premise.
  • Portable.

Key Features


  • Replicate corporate infrastructres.
  • Use real systems and applications.
  • Scalable to 1000s of simultaneous virtual machines.


  • Individual & Team scoring.
  • Per-category score.
  • Score Timeline Leaderboard.
  • Tracking of individual activities, NIST NICE Compliant.


  • Create your own realistic scenarios.
  • Leverage the library of commercial systems & applications.
  • Add traffic simulation & cyber attacks to your scenarios.
  • Collaborative creation of simulation environments.
  • Easily repurpose existing scenarios to meet your needs.


  • Stateful attack simulation.
  • Background Traffic Simulation.
  • False positives generation.
  • Red Team Automation Library of attacks & traffic.
  • Ability to create your own attacks & attack flows.
  • Live injection during scenarios.


  • Automatic management of the virtualization workflow.
  • Multi-user scenarios such as CTFs, competence assessments, attack and defence.


  • Each team has access to its own virtual environment.
  • Team performance is affected by team members.
  • Access to virtual environments is decided by the team.


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