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Any email message relating to the official business of Wolfpack Information Risk (Pty) Ltd, (‘Wolfpack’) its content and attachments thereto are confidential, may be privileged and is the property of Wolfpack. The email may only be read by its intended recipient(s). Should you have received it in error you are not permitted to disclose, distribute or retain any part of the message including its attachments. Please notify the sender immediately and please delete the email from your computer and server. Wolfpack takes extreme caution to ensure that our messages are free of malware and viruses, but it remains the recipients responsibility to check all messages received from Wolfpack, including its attachments for viruses etc. Wolfpack accepts no liability should the email’s contents or attachments be corrupted, fail to reach its destination, infected by viruses, intercepted by anyone other than the addressee or amended without written approval, for whatever reason or cause. The views contained in private and/ or personal messages containing Wolfpack’s branding are not necessarily those of Wolfpack and Wolfpack disclaims all liability in respect of the expression of any such views by its staff.

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