We help people see data flow

We call the movement of information between people, processes, and technology - dataflow

 Dataflow is the lifeblood of the modern world. It is as critical to everyday life as the flow of water, energy, and transport. We take for granted the control, management, and governance of these flows, and yet when it comes to dataflow, no one speaks the same language.

Using our unique OBASHI Platform to automate our Dataflow Methodology we create clarity by modelling the relationships and dependencies between people, processes and technology assets. We help you see the ‘Big Picture’ of how your business works, displaying the results in a way that everyone can see, and anyone can understand.

Key features

OBASHI Methodology

By mapping how data flows, it’s possible to see how each asset makes a service or process work. The OBASHI Dataflow Methodology allows you to visualise the interactions that must be in place for data to flow and, even more importantly, the implications should one of these links fail.

OBASHI Platform

The OBASHI Platform has an intuitive customisable front end, which allows the user to start creating their own visual representations of the way the people, process and technology interact across their organisation. 

Data Flow Analysis Views

By mapping a service as a dataflow we can show and described the IT assets and data types which are used for service delivery, and can ascribe to them the role which they play in service delivery.

Business and IT Diagrams

The ability to add and export data and simulate ‘what-if scenarios’ enables the user to perform analysis and reporting from the front-end, supporting business critical questioning and strategic decision making.


Obashi is passionate about teaching the language of dataflow. We work with academic institutions, government bodies, and professional trainers to provide high-quality OBASHI Methodology and Data Flow training. 

The OBASHI Methodology is accredited by APMG International and taught across the world. As experts in all thing’s dataflow, we have developed ‘OBASHI Learn’. Currently we support the delivery of the new Higher National Certificate/Diploma unit in Data Flow. 


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