protecting your critical digital assets

Safeguard your enterprise from dynamic security risks across all public platforms including social media, mobile apps, surface, deep & dark web, code share repositories, email and collaboration platforms and much more. 

 Using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-based analysis, the ZeroFOX platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data theft, impersonations, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more.

Solutions By Role

Information Security

Remediate threats on social networks, deep/dark web & external channels

Corporate Security

Detect potential threats to executives, locations & physical assets


Protect your brand from fake profiles, account hacking & reputational harm

Solutions By Industry

Financial Services

Gain visibility and achieve compliance across social media and external assets

Media, Sports & Entertainment

Protect your talent where they build brand and your content where it goes viral

Retail & CPG

Gain critical visibility, find scams and counterfeit goods sold on online marketplaces


Protect constituents and high-profile administration officials across the public attack surface


Protect patient health data against information leakage and maintain compliance


Protect students and campus communities against targeted attacks and IP leakage


Stop cybercriminals from scamming customers and targeting employees

Solutions By Challenge

Phishing Attacks

Protect your enterprise network from targeted malware on social media, email and domains

Account Takeover

Prevent your social media accounts and pages from account hackers


Spot fake accounts targeting your brand and business

Information Leakage

Stop sensitive information from being leaked and quickly identify breaches

Business Email Compromise

Find email impersonation attacks and warn users before they take action

Piracy & Counterfeits

Identify pirated, stolen or counterfeit goods impersonating your products

Physical & Event Threats

Gain early warning and situational awareness into physical attack plans posted online

Digital Risk Protection Powered by Articial intelligence

Digital transformation has created a new public attack surface that is vast and evolving. Security teams lack the visibility and control necessary to protect their assets, people and customers across the surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, email and collaboration platforms. 

Backed by Intel, ZeroFOX provides the only comprehensive Digital Risk Protection offering, combining visibility, AI-driven analysis and remediation to not only find threats, but disrupt them.


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