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Virtual CISO (VCISO)

As a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, the Wolfpack VCISO takes on the crucial responsibility of overseeing and managing an organisation’s cybersecurity program. The VCISO collaborates with executive leadership, IT teams, and other stakeholders to establish and execute a robust cybersecurity strategy tailored to the organisation’s unique needs and risk profile.

  • Level 1: Foundation Essentials (Starting from Scratch)

    In Level 1, the focus is on establishing the fundamental building blocks of cybersecurity. Activities are geared towards creating a solid foundation that sets the stage for more comprehensive security measures at higher levels.

  • Level 2: Intermediate Assurance (Deeper Dive)

    Level 2 builds upon the foundation set in Level 1 by delving deeper into each discipline. Activities are more comprehensive and aim to enhance the organisation’s cybersecurity posture.

  • Level 3: Advanced Excellence (Thorough Coverage)

    In Level 3, the organisation reaches the pinnacle of cybersecurity excellence. Activities focus on achieving the highest level of assurance across disciplines.


Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

Finding team members with the correct balance of skills, experience & integrity is no simple task.

Wolfpack maintains a vetted talent pool of employees and trusted contractors that we can make available for 3, 6 or 12-month engagements. We will work with you to understand your requirements and provide a shortlist of suitable virtual team members.

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