aligning it and


While it may seem intuitive, many organisations struggle to achieve the elusive goal of business and IT alignment.

This continuous strategic loop means enterprises function better, make more profit, and see better ROI because they hit their goals with less effort. Various standards exist to  align successfully. An organisation where IT and business strategy are in lock-step can improve agility and operational efficiencies.

the human factor


Employees can create some of the greatest risks to cybersecurity. However, when they are well informed they can also be an asset and a first line of defense.

It is imperative that organisations conduct regular training sessions throughout the year to keep employees aware of potential scams and the ways they can make their organisation vulnerable.



There are a host of technologies that security teams can implement in order to layer their defenses.

That being said, it’s important that IT teams do not implement isolated point solutions as they layer their defences, but rather, select those tools based on their ability to be integrated and automated to create a security fabric that can facilitate the rapid detection and mitigation of threats.
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