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The Wolf Howl August 2023 Edition – A Tribute to all She Wolves in Cybersecurity


Wolfpack Information Risk provides specialist information and cyber threat consulting, training, awareness and incident support services to African governments and organisations.

Mission: We are passionate defenders of communities, companies, and countries against cyber threats.

Vision: Wolfpack will be the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cybersecurity impact on the African continent.

Greetings Cyberwolves

Our Women’s Day celebrations take on a special hue as we pay tribute to all the remarkable, She Wolves at the forefront of cybersecurity. Their journey is one of determination, breaking stereotypes, and creating lasting impacts in an industry that demands constant vigilance and adaptability.

In a realm historically dominated by men, the role of women in shaping the future of cybersecurity cannot be understated. This Women’s Day, we celebrate the progress made so far and reaffirm our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse industry that thrives on the insights and talents of all its participants.

As the world continues to digitise at an unprecedented pace, the significance of cybersecurity grows exponentially. In this context, women are emerging as pivotal agents of change, architects of innovation, and leaders in fortifying our digital landscapes. From pioneering breakthrough technologies to crafting foolproof strategies, women have consistently demonstrated their expertise, dedication, and ingenuity in safeguarding our digital realm.

At Wolfpack, we recognise that diversity is a goal to achieve and a strength to leverage. Women bring unique perspectives, skills, and problem-solving approaches that are instrumental in tackling the complex challenges posed by cyber threats. This newsletter is a small gesture to amplify their voices and acknowledge their outstanding contributions.

We are privileged to work with some of these extraordinary women who have carved out influential roles in different industries and facets of cybersecurity. Their stories, experiences, and insights promise to inspire not only the budding professionals in the field but also the broader community to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Let’s celebrate not just on one day but every day by embracing diversity, promoting equality, and collectively contributing to a safer digital world.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Securely

NIST has revised its Cybersecurity Framework to version 2.0, to help benefit all sectors, not just critical infrastructure. 

To the five main pillars of a successful cybersecurity program, NIST now has added a sixth, the “govern” function, which emphasises that cybersecurity is a major source of enterprise risk and a consideration for senior leadership.

Kholeka Gcaleka is the frontrunner to take over the role of public protector. 

We salute this SHE Wolf for wanting to keep our country, companies and community safe in cyberspace.

She’s the leading candidate for one of the toughest jobs in the land. The pressure is already on her to transform the image of an office that has taken a serious knock. 

In an interview with YOU magazine, Kholeka stated that she is also working on making the institution more technologically secure. 

She is studying cybersecurity governance and wants to know how to secure all these IT systems that are being brought to know what she is dealing with. These are just some projects she would like to see through.

In 2010, a Johannesburg-based hacker stole R600 000 from the Eastern Cape Education Department.  Now, 13 years later, he has been given a three-year prison sentence for the crime. The hacker used a keylogger to steal password information from department employees and access accounting software to make the theft.

The Adventures of CISO Ed & Co attempts to highlight the everyday frustrations, heroism, and insights of CISOs and infosec teams while bringing some fun to the serious business of cybersecurity. We hope CISO Ed & Co. brings a grin as you  go about your day. Compliments of Balbix

Let us help you understand sextortion. 

Alfahive and Wolfpack Information Risk are excited to jointly unveil a strategic partnership. Alfahive is a new-age cyber risk automation start-up that provides organisations with a SaaS platform to automate the assessment, quantification and prioritisation of cyber risks. 

“Teaming up with Wolfpack Information Risk aligns perfectly with our commitment to modernising cyber risk management by leveraging new-age technology.” said Anil Gandharve, President and Co-CEO at Alfahive. “This partnership amplifies our capabilities, enabling us to reach a broader market and leverage the deep domain expertise of the Wolfpack team.”  This collaboration will leverage the strengths of both companies, drawing on Wolfpack Information Risk’s extensive experience in full end-to-end information risk service that accommodates community, company, and country risks, including human risk, system risk, policy risk, and geographical/regional risk, along with Alfahive’s prowess in automating cyber risk management for organisations to boost their productivity.

Wolfpack Information Risk has teamed up with Arctic Wolf®, a global leader in security operations, to help proactively protect organisations against today’s cyber-attacks. 

Wolfpack’s customers can now obtain Arctic Wolf’s leading security operations capabilities that are designed to prevent, detect, respond, and remediate cyber threats– all delivered through the Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Cloud. 

Arctic Wolf’s partner-centric go-to-market model has cemented the company as the cybersecurity partner of choice for more than 1,100 solution providers worldwide, enabling security-minded and cloud-focused partners to position themselves at the forefront of the security operations market.

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