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The Wolf Howl June 2023 Edition – Celebrating the Spirit of Our Youth /  IT & Information Security Budgets Webinar


Wolfpack Information Risk provides specialist information and cyber threat consulting, training, awareness and incident support services to African governments and organisations.

Mission: We are passionate defenders of communities, companies, and countries against cyber threats.

Vision: Wolfpack will be the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cybersecurity impact on the African continent.

June Wolf Howl

Greetings Cyberwolves

The 16th of June marked a meaningful day in South African history as the nation celebrated the bravery, resilience, and adversity of their youth. The focus is still on our youth and the enduring influence they have on our nation.

SA is currently facing a cybersecurity skills shortage which will shape and impact future employment of our communities and threaten companies’ cybersecurity posture and resilience. Wolfpack understands the ripple effect this will have on organisations’ crown jewels and the affect it will have on their people, processes, and technology.

We want to invite our cyber community to make a difference by becoming agents of positive change in SA’s diverse population. Let us encourage, nurture, support and empower our youth by:

  • Bridging the skills gap through proactive collaboration, entrepreneurial initiatives, social projects, scholarships, workshops, mentorship programs etc.
  • Seeking partnerships to empower future generations.
  • Integrating security skills and awareness into community culture.
  • Providing opportunities to thrive and progress worldwide.
  • Ensuring access to quality education and the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the digital world.
  • Making cybersecurity education and awareness essential pillars of our economy and workforce.

Just like wolves run in a pack, so can we. Together we can harness the spirit of our youth and work towards igniting hope for a brighter future.

Thank you for your unwavering partnership.

Yours Securely

You are invited to sign up for our fourth webinar on IT and Information Security Budgets. 

This webinar will focus on the IT and Information Security Budgets webinar will focus on IT budget breakdowns, Information Security Budgets and which projects are budgeted for. We also consider the  salary scales of top IT and security executives. Craig Rosewarne our host will deep dive into IT and Information Security Budgets with experts from Logicalis.

A cybersecurity agreement with France will strength skills says Minister of Justice.

  The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is set to receive better cybersecurity defence capabilities as part of a cooperation protocol agreement between South Africa and France. The agreement was signed on Monday by Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola and French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna. 


There are many opportunities for workers to start and advance their careers within cybersecurity. This interactive career pathway shows key jobs within cybersecurity, common transition opportunities between them, and detailed information about the salaries, credentials, and skillsets associated with each role.

DBSA hit by ransomware attack.

Development Bank of Southern Africa suspects Russian ransomware group behind hack. The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) was subjected to a ransomware attack in May and believes its employees’ personal information may have been accessed by a Russian ransomware group. 

The Adventures of CISO Ed & Co attempts to highlight the everyday frustrations, heroism, and insights of CISOs and infosec teams while bringing some fun to the serious business of cybersecurity. We hope CISO Ed & Co. brings a grin as you  go about your day. Compliments of Balbix

Did you know that Offensive and Inappropriate Content can take many forms? How much do you really know about Offensive and Inappropriate Content?

Wolfpack’s MD, Craig Rosewarne, has written a pragmatic, non-technical cyber security book to help educate organisations on the risks and protective strategies needed.  To purchase a copy of the Cyber security, privacy and resilience (CPR) management book:

Please join Wolfpack’s Steve Simmonds at the ISO Conference on 27001 Business Experiences on the 5th July 2023 at 12:10-12:35 to discuss experiences in the ISO/IEC 27001 Implementation Journey – A South African Context.  

To register please copy the link and paste it into your web browser: 

17 July 2023; 11h00-12h00 SAST

Please feel free to join Wendy Addison, founder of SpeakOut, SpeakUp Ltd, and Terry Booysen, CEO of CGF Research Institute.

They will be sharing their thoughts on this deeply complex topic; how to handle a situation when you are feeling compromised in the workplace? 

PCI Compliance Data Sheet

Payment Card Industry testing is needed by many industry sectors: finance, retail, hospitality and more. While compliance is a low bar for achieving a strong security posture, it’s an important part of the security testing experience.

How will you be giving back to South Africa?

July 18th is rapidly approaching – now is the time to make Mandela Day plans for your business, or for yourself! Africa Food for Thought is running 3 campaigns this year, so there is sure to be one that is a perfect fit for you! 

1) Join Our Community Feeding on Tuesday the 18th July 2023.  We want to serve more than 2000 bowls of soup on July 18th.

2) 67 Minutes at our offices on Friday the 14th July 2023. You’ll be chopping veggies, preparing Jars of Hope, and sorting books!3) Canned Food Drive at your offices on Monday, the 17th July 2023. We need you to help us collect: Pilchards, Corned Beef, Baked Beans, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mixed Veggies, and Jam.

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