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The Wolf Howl March 2023 Edition – Cybersecurity & Human Rights / Cyberbullying


Wolfpack Information Risk provides specialist information and cyber threat consulting, training, awareness and incident support services to African governments and organisations.

Mission: We are passionate defenders of communities, companies, and countries against cyber threats.

Vision: Wolfpack will be the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cybersecurity impact on the African continent.

Greetings Cyberwolves

As a company that prioritises data and information protection, we understand cybersecurity’s importance in today’s digital age. But beyond just safeguarding our personal and business interests, cybersecurity also plays a critical role in upholding human rights.

In recent years, we have seen a sharp rise in cyber threats and attacks, which can significantly affect individuals, companies, and communities. Cybercrime has become increasingly prevalent in our interconnected world, from data breaches to ransomware attacks.

However, the impact of cybersecurity goes far beyond the financial and operational damage caused by these attacks. Cybersecurity has become a human rights issue, affecting our fundamental rights and freedoms as individuals:

  • The right to privacy is at the core of cybersecurity. With more and more personal information being stored online, we must control who can access our data and how it is used. Cybersecurity breaches can compromise our privacy, putting us at risk of identity theft, surveillance, and other violations of our personal rights. 
  • Cybersecurity is closely linked to the right to freedom of expression. As more of our communication occurs online, we need to ensure that our voices are heard and that we are free to express our opinions without fear of retaliation. Cybersecurity can intimidate individuals and suppress their ability to speak out on important issues. 
  • Cybersecurity is also essential for ensuring the right to access information. The internet has become a vital source of information for people, providing access to news, education, and resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Cyber attacks that target information sources can have a devastating impact on our ability to access information and make informed decisions. 
  • Cybersecurity is critical for protecting our right to a safe and secure environment. Cyber attacks can target critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, power grids, and transportation systems, putting lives at risk and threatening our basic needs and rights. 

At Wolfpack, we believe that cybersecurity is a human rights issue that requires a collective effort to address. As such, we are committed to providing our customers, prospective clients and our community with the tools and resources they need to protect their data and information. 

We understand cybersecurity can be a complex and intimidating topic, so we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to our client’s needs. From risk assessments and vulnerability testing to employee awareness training and incident response planning.  We work with our clients to develop customised cybersecurity strategies prioritising human rights. 

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a human rights issue that affects us all. As a company that values privacy, freedom of expression, access to information, and safety and security, we are committed to assist our clients navigate cybersecurity’s complex and ever-changing landscape. By working together, we can protect our fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital age. 

Thank you for your continued trust and support. 

Yours Securely

You are invited to sign up for our first webinar on Information Security Governance. This webinar will launch the 2023 SA Information Security Thermometer report by focusing on the regions that were surveyed, industries that participated, the size of an organisation, the number of endpoints, IT Staff, and contractor pool size. It will also look at the Maturity of IS governance within organisations, the level of senior management commitment and the Board’s agenda.

Our world is increasingly digital and increasingly interconnected. So, while we must protect ourselves, it’s going to take all of us to really protect the systems we all rely on. Being cyber smart is contagious.” Wolfpack’s Johan Brider

Undercover reporters recorded a group of covert cyber influence specialists as they pitched their services, which included using disinformation campaigns, false intelligence, hacks, and blackmail to promote their client’s interests. The group, which calls itself Team Jorge, claims to have worked on dozens of presidential elections worldwide and charges multimillion-dollar fees.

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Master Data Management spokesperson Gary Allemann spoke with eNCA’s  Anlie Hattingh on the importance of  cybersecurity, power cuts and securing your personal information before and after a breach. 

The 2023 Human Rights Day theme is: “Consolidating and Sustaining Human Rights Culture into the Future” exploring some of these concepts would be useful. Sociologists will quickly point out that ‘culture’ is not easy to define and that the concept has multiple applications.

The Adventures of CISO Ed & Co attempts to highlight the everyday frustrations, heroism, and insights of CISOs and infosec teams while bringing some fun to the serious business of cybersecurity. We hope CISO Ed & Co. brings a grin as you  go about your day. Compliments of Balbix

Have you ever heard of Cyberbullying?

Let us help you understand what cyberbullying is.

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