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The Wolf Howl October 2022 Edition – FREE Resources for Cyber Security Awareness Month


Wolfpack Information Risk provides specialist information and cyber threat consulting, training, awareness and incident support services to African governments and organisations.

Mission: We are passionate defenders of communities, companies, and countries against cyber threats.

Vision: Wolfpack will be the catalyst that drives the greatest positive cybersecurity impact on the African continent.

Greetings Cyberwolves

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM). This year the focus was on four key topics. We created polls and shared valuable resources. The four key topics were as follows:

1. Enabling multi-factor authentication

2. Using strong passwords and a password manager

3. Updating software

4. Recognising and reporting phishing

Throughout the month, Wolfpack engaged with clients and communities across the country to promote cyber wellness. We wanted to ensure that our rainbow nation has access to various resources and tools that make the internet safer and equip individuals to make smarter decisions at work, home, or school.

Cybersecurity may seem complicated, but it is all about people. If you use the internet, you have a BIG role and responsibility. That is why we focused on the “people” aspect of cybersecurity this October. We want to encourage everyone to:

  • Reinforce that we can all make a difference as it takes a collective effort to understand, manage, and reduce risks in the digital and physical world.
  • Cybersecurity starts with each of us. We encourage families and individuals to take action and stay safe online by visiting our social media pages and using our FREE tools and resources to help promote cybersecurity. 
  • We encourage you to upskill and join the cyber workforce and community to address the cyber skills shortage in our country.
  • Collaboration between industry partners and organisations to share real-time information, build cyber resilience, and help protect our country’s critical infrastructure and the systems we use and rely on daily. 

Wolfpack is committed to improving online safety and cyber collaboration daily. Some celebrate Halloween; we celebrate cybersecurity!  

Yours Securely

Cybercrime should be a top priority 

Bryan Baxter chats to The Citizen about the devastating impact one incident can have on personal privacy. It is necessary to combat these risks by developing skills and creating awareness campaigns to protect the ‘crown jewels’.

Where does SA logistics stand as far as cybersecurity is concerned? 

Wolfpack’s MD, Craig Rosewarne, chats to Engineering News about South Africa’s logistics industry battling a war on many fronts.

The Adventures of CISO Ed & Co attempts to highlight the everyday frustrations, heroism, and insights of CISOs and infosec teams while bringing some fun to the serious business of cybersecurity. We hope CISO Ed & Co. brings a grin as you  go about your day. Compliments of Balbix

We would like to introduce you to our three main business unit heads and our Chief Revenue Officer. 

Get to know what sets them apart in their daily work life at Wolfpack.

We celebrated Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) focusing on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), strong passwords, software updates and phishing. 

Our Awareness team have created various infographics which covers the basics and could prevent you from falling victim to cybercrime. 

The Dark Web and the Upside Down: Stranger Things in Cybersecurity

This National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Halloween, ZeroFox is diving into one crucial cybersecurity element: Dark web intelligence. This post is for you if you’re more afraid of the dark web than a haunting or vampire attack (you know, because it’s real).

Synack is now offering Synack90 

A Flexible Way to Pentest Continuously: Synack90. A 90-day pentest is a new way for organisations to make meaningful progress toward implementing a continuous pentesting strategy.

Would you like to make a child’s Christmas merry again this year?

We are looking for special people to buy gifts for the children in our vulnerable families programme.  Each child completed their special wish list. We would love for them to each receive a brand-new gift chosen just for them!  

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